My photographs explore conflicting concepts of simplicity/complexity, intimacy/publicity, and reverence/commodity. The objects in the photographs are clear and direct, a reaction to the complexities of living in today’s society. The manner in which they are created, however, is intricate — a process of scanning and computer manipulation — in opposition of the overall serene effect of the completed images. The square format of these photographs is at once visually balanced and neutral, drawing the eye to the object in the center as a revered or iconic item. The square format is at the same time a figurative box holding the object, as if it were an item to be stored in a collection. The objects in these photographs are small in their physical properties, intimate objects that may be held in one’s hand, yet become larger than life when printed at a scale many times greater. These images are analogies for how we interact with nature in our surroundings, at once seeing and ignoring it. These photographs are reminders to slow oneself, to be mindful, and to experience one’s surroundings.